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Discover the extensive media presence of the Delta Blockchain Fund’s team through our curated collection. From global conferences to renowned publications, our team members have shared their expertise, vision, and insights on the decentralized revolution. Explore these engaging conversations and interviews that highlight our team’s thought leadership in shaping the future of Web3.

Here is why VC Kavita Gupta says ETH is the Oil of Digital Age

The Ethereum Blockchain and Ether are in limelight after the US SEC approved the ETH ETF, in a move that left industry …

The ETH ETF is here! VC Kavita Gupta explains what to expect next

The US Securities Exchange Comission has approved the ETH ETF, surprising analysts and industry stakeholders ….

Crypto VC Kavita Gupta reveals reality of crypto job market due to US regulations

The current US government’s regulations for crypto are not just detrimental to the ecosystem, but are also causing a …..

What’s next for crypto? VC Kavita Gupta spills the beans on Coindesk!

The Bitcoin halving is done and dusted. So what’s next in crypto? How are the markets going to shape? If you …..
Coindesk podcast

What even is the Bitcoin Halving, Investor Kavita Gupta explains

Delta Blockchain Fund’s Kavita Gupta speaks with Bloomberg’s Ed ludlow and explains the process and importance of…..

Here is why Bitcoin Halving might not pump up BTC prices

Veteran investor Kavita Gupta expalin on CNBC’s Last Call why the current Bitcoin Halving might…..

Kavita Gupta explains impact of Middle East crisis on Bitcoin price

Last weekend, the crypto markets crashed in fears of an escalation of war in the Middle East after Iran attacked Israel…

Investor Kavita Gupta explains recent movements in crypto markets

Bitcoin is down over 10% from its peaks from last week! Does this mean the bull run is over? Did it last only for

VC Kavita Gupta explains how elections might shape crypto markets

The crypto markets are in a frenzy as Bitcoin hovers near its peak. This is being attributed to the upcoming Bitcoin …..

Veteran investor Kavita Gupta explains what to expect from the ETH ETF

Bitcoin is inching closer to its ALL-TIME High with the Bitcoin Halving just weeks away. Amid this, investors are eager about the possibility of an Ethereum ETF …..

How will Bitcoin Halving impact crypto markets, investor Kavita Gupta explains

The crypto markets are going through a dynamic phase. Last month the Bitcoin ETF was launched and crypto enthusiasts across the world are waiting for …..

Crypto VC Kavita Gupta reveals what is next for crypto after Bitcoin ETF

The US SEC just gave its nod to the first spot Bitcoin ETF and the crypto industry is rejoicing …..
Yahoo Finance

Will Bitcoin ETF make altcoins irrelevant? Investor Kavita Gupta explains her take

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will be making its decision about the Bitcoin ETF by …..
Bloomberg Technology

Veteran investor Kavita Gupta explains on CNBC TV why it is wrong to consider Bitcoin as a Ponzi scheme

JPMorgan CEO Jaime Dimon said during a senate hearing that the government should shut all crypto operations …..

Venture Capitalist Kavita Gupta Details How the Investing Landscape has Changed Since FTX Collapse

FTX’s collapse has sent shockwaves across the global crypto ecosystem. Venture capital investing has not been …..

Former FTX Investor Kavita Gupta Details How SBF Trial Will Impact Industry

Crypto exchange FTX’s founder Samuel Bankman-Fried’s trial has began in the New York’s courts. The whole crypto industry is …..
Yahoo! Finance

IFC Alum Kavita Gupta Explains How Likely are Bitcoin ETFs are on CNBC TV

BlackRock, Invesco, Greyscale- all these institutional investors are trying to make Bitcoin ETFs a reality

World Bank, IFC alum Kavita Gupta explains impact of PayPal’s stablecoin on global finance scene

PayPal announced the launch of its stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and the company stock soared over 3%.

Top VC Kavita Gupta Analyses Bipartisan Bill to Regulate DeFi and its Implications on Venture Investing

The US lawmakers are working on a bipartisan bill to regulate DeFi. Kavita Gupta, GP of Delta Blockchain Fund and …..

Investment veteran Kavita Gupta highlights how the funding winter has been an opportunity for VCs

The ongoing bear market has resulted in startup funding winter, with global funding slashing down 50% year-on-year
India Today

Delta Blockchain Fund’s Kavita Gupta Calls for Regulatory Clarity from SEC for Crypto Companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) has been cracking down on crypto exchanges lately. In a recent …..

VC Kavita Gupta Expresses Concern Over Lack of Regulatory Clarity and its Impact on Crypto Startups

The regulatory backdrop around crypto remains unclear as Coinbase and Binance have become the latest targets of …..
Yahoo Finance

VC Kavita Gupta’s Take on AI and Blockchain Use Cases

AI is weaving its magic in many industries, and crypto is no exception! Delta Blockchain Fund’s Founder and …..
Bloomberg Crypto

Venture Capitalist Kavita Gupta Speaks About Slowdown in Startup Funding amid Bear Market

Long time venture capitalist Kavita Gupta, founder and GP of `Delta Blockchain Fund and former Head of ConsenSys …..

World Bank alum Kavita Gupta talks about collapse of Silvergate and SiliconValley Bank

Kavita Gupta, founder of the Delta Blockchain Fund, highlighted the repercussions of the collapse of Silver Gate …..
Yahoo Finance

World Bank alum Kavita Gupta talks about collapse of Silvergate and SiliconValley Bank

Kavita Gupta, founder of the Delta Blockchain Fund, highlighted the repercussions of the collapse of Silver Gate …..
Bloomberg Crypto

Investor Kavita Gupta Highlights Impact of SVB Crisis on Crypto Ecosystem

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank has caused a ripple effect across the crypto and startup space …..
Yahoo Finance

FTX Equity Holder Kavita Gupta Speaks About the Exchange’s Collapse and its Repercussions on the Ecosystem

Veteran Venture Capitalist Kavita Gupta, an equity holder in FTX via a previous fund, shares her reaction to …..

Delta Blockchain Fund’s Kavita Gupta Warns of Ripple Effects in the Crypto Ecosystem from the FTX Crisis

In an interview with CNBC’s The Exchange, Kavita Gupta, the founder of Delta Blockchain Fund, shared her …..

Former World Bank, IFC Alum Kavita Gupta Speaks About Institutional Interest in Crypto

In this interview on Bloomberg Technology, Kavita Gupta, founder of Delta Blockchain Fund, who was formerly …..

VC Kavita Gupta speaks on BitGo’s cancelled Acquisition by Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital’s plans of acquiring BitGo fell through after due diligence. After this development, Kavita Gupta …..

Indian – American Investor Kavita Gupta’s Take on the Crypto Regulations in India

Regulations around cryptocurrencies in India have been a hot topic of discussion. Indian-American investment …..

Former ConsenSys Ventures Head Kavita Gupta’s Take on Crypto Lending Woes and Need for Transparency

The crypto lending space is littered with challenges after the collapse of Terra Luna, Celsius, Voyager …..

World Bank, IFC alum Kavita Gupta’s View on the Crypto Markets

The cryptocurrency markets have remained volatile since the collapse of big crypto players like Terra Luna, 3AC …..

Veteran Investor Kavita Gupta highlights impact of FTX’s investment in Robinhood

In an interview with CNBC, investment veteran Kavita Gupta discussed the potential impact of FTX’s investment …..

Crypto Winter Is Just Beginning

Crypto market meltdown and just how cold this crypto winter will get in the coming months

Why they reject 97 out of every 100 applications they receive

The explosive growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is creating more and more opportunities for investing …..
Bussiner Insider

What Is Tether? How Does It Work?

“It is difficult for Tether to follow the path of Terra completely because if they decide to take out even 30% to 50% …..

After a successful career spanning the World Bank, IFC, ConsenSys, Kavita Gupta speaks on Women in Tech and Finance

In an interview with ET Markets Crypto TV, Kavita Gupta, founder of Delta Blockchain Fund, delved into …..
The Economic Times

Five Minutes with Kavita Gupta, Founding Managing Partner at ConsenSys

At ConsenSys, Kavita heads a unique VC-hedge fund, investing in next-generation blockchain technologies …..
Kim Jennings
Smit Khakhkhar comes from a cyber-security and deep tech background, got started with crypto in 2013 with bitcoin mining, have helped some of the largest Indian companies with cybersecurity. Smit is on the Technical side, Evaluating technical aspects of companies and Research, helping portfolio companies with Technology, and building open source projects under Delta.

Prior to joining Delta, Smit was Co-Founder and CTO of CoinCrunch India, which is one of India’s first crypto news platform Smit has worked with various Indian exchanges including CoinDCX, CoinDelta and various projects in technical capacity.

Kavita Gupta is the founder & Managing Partner of Delta Blockchain Fund. She has over 18 years of investment experience via The World Bank, IFC, and Eric Schmidt Family office and started one of the first Blockchain early-stage funds, ConsenSys Ventures, and accelerator Tachyon. Kavita has invested first checks into sector-defining companies such as Polygon, Starkware, Quantstamp, and Sorare to name among over 100 companies – she is also a visiting scholar at Stanford University teaching the Beyond Bitcoin class and an advisor to the Hus Institute, the UNICEF Giga project, the Katapult investment fund, the International Emmys and more. In 2015, Kavita received the UN Innovation Award for being one of the core members of creating green and social impact bonds.

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