Delta Blockchain Fund Portfolio Companies

Delta Blockchain Fund’s portfolio companies are an ambitious collection of trailblazers, pioneering
transformative applications of blockchain technology. These ventures share Delta Blockchain Fund’s belief in a decentralized, private, and financially inclusive future, each contributing to the dynamic, evolving landscape of Web3.

The first veTokenomics lending market with dynamic interest rates on Polygon

Access on-chain data across projects and blockchains

Alterscope provides the infrastructure for processing risk in real-time across chains, protocols, and liquidity pools

All-in-one NFT commerce platform to launch your marketplace with no technical background.

Astra Protocol Equipping the DeFi world with a fully decentralized compliance layer

Integrated cryptocurrency execution platform (OEMS), aggregating liquidity across centralized and decentralized venues

$TRYB BiLira (TRYB), the first blockchain-based Turkish stablecoin

Multi-chain play-to-earn economy

Cruize protects your assets from the volatile seas of crypto

Blockchain automation platform, set-up notifications or complex workflows with Esprezzo.

Fully decentralized leveraged trading platform.

Fordefi is a company that specialises in financial technology and software.

Decentralized storage and compute hardware solution.

GMI is providing high speed node services for blockchain applications.

Multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet providing safeguard for crypto users.

Hatchfi connects your app to any crypto wallet, exchange, or protocol in minutes

Hexens is a top-notch cyber security service provider with an essential focus on blockchain technologies.

World’s first mobile wallet built for Twitter. Send any crypto by tweeting

Access on-chain data across projects and blockchains.

Bringing MEV back to transaction originators via OFAs

Layerswap saves you up to 10x on fees when moving crypto from Coinbase, Binance or FTX to Arbitrum, zkSync, Loopring and other L2s.

Digital world for builders and Web3 ecosystem enablers.

Manifold Capital Partners Quantitative Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund.​

Building the Open Metaverse with AI-powered Virtual Human Infra & Web3.0 Applications.

Your digital avatar in the digital world.

EVM compatible L2 scaling solution.

A multichain wallet and a play-to-earn community where players build it.

A crowdsourced decentralized IoT network.

Providing institutional investors with access to future economies through secure and trustworthy investment pathways for digital assets

We help Blockchain and dApp developers by providing infrastructure and developer tools that saves you hours.

Orium Network enables Guilds to set up scholarships, monitor performance, and automatically distribute rewards through multiple play-to-earn platforms.

Provides everything you need to build people-powered applications for vehicles, robots, and devices on a people-powered blockchain network

Decentralized File Sync with end-to-end encryption

Marketplace for renting and borrowing digital assets.

NFT analytics platform.

Spice Finance is your one-stop shop for all yields in NFT lending.

Decentralized ETH staking network.

Powering player driven economies and NFTs with next gen technology.

Swap multiple NFTs in a trusted and easy way.

Symbiosis Finance
Move liquidity across any chain.

Identity verification solution for businesses and individuals.

The First DAO-based Liquidity Protocol For Novel Crypto Assets.

Contextualized data and analytics for the blockchain ecosystem

Enables lifestyle for digital worlds, offering marketplaces to buy and dress personalized avatars.

WalletKit is a SaaS-based platform enabling businesses to design and deliver digital passes and tickets to mobile wallets.

Interoperability protocol, harnessing the power of generic messaging and a single SDK.

Smit Khakhkhar comes from a cyber-security and deep tech background, got started with crypto in 2013 with bitcoin mining, have helped some of the largest Indian companies with cybersecurity. Smit is on the Technical side, Evaluating technical aspects of companies and Research, helping portfolio companies with Technology, and building open source projects under Delta.

Prior to joining Delta, Smit was Co-Founder and CTO of CoinCrunch India, which is one of India’s first crypto news platform Smit has worked with various Indian exchanges including CoinDCX, CoinDelta and various projects in technical capacity.

Kavita Gupta is the founder & Managing Partner of Delta Blockchain Fund. She has over 18 years of investment experience via The World Bank, IFC, and Eric Schmidt Family office and started one of the first Blockchain early-stage funds, ConsenSys Ventures, and accelerator Tachyon. Kavita has invested first checks into sector-defining companies such as Polygon, Starkware, Quantstamp, and Sorare to name among over 100 companies – she is also a visiting scholar at Stanford University teaching the Beyond Bitcoin class and an advisor to the Hus Institute, the UNICEF Giga project, the Katapult investment fund, the International Emmys and more. In 2015, Kavita received the UN Innovation Award for being one of the core members of creating green and social impact bonds.

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