Delta Blockchain Fund’s Kavita Gupta Calls for Regulatory Clarity from SEC for Crypto Companies

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The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) has been cracking down on crypto exchanges lately. In a recent interview with CNBC’s Crypto World, Kavita Gupta, the founder of the Delta Blockchain Fund and the former head of ConsenSys Ventures, shared her insights on the current state of the cryptocurrency market and the implications of the SEC’s crackdown. She expressed her view on the lack of regulatory clarity from the SEC, and how it has been a significant challenge for the crypto industry, including big players like Binance and Coinbase. She emphasized the need for clear guidelines to help companies comply with regulations.

Smit Khakhkhar comes from a cyber-security and deep tech background, got started with crypto in 2013 with bitcoin mining, have helped some of the largest Indian companies with cybersecurity. Smit is on the Technical side, Evaluating technical aspects of companies and Research, helping portfolio companies with Technology, and building open source projects under Delta.

Prior to joining Delta, Smit was Co-Founder and CTO of CoinCrunch India, which is one of India’s first crypto news platform Smit has worked with various Indian exchanges including CoinDCX, CoinDelta and various projects in technical capacity.

Kavita Gupta is the founder & Managing Partner of Delta Blockchain Fund. She has over 18 years of investment experience via The World Bank, IFC, and Eric Schmidt Family office and started one of the first Blockchain early-stage funds, ConsenSys Ventures, and accelerator Tachyon. Kavita has invested first checks into sector-defining companies such as Polygon, Starkware, Quantstamp, and Sorare to name among over 100 companies – she is also a visiting scholar at Stanford University teaching the Beyond Bitcoin class and an advisor to the Hus Institute, the UNICEF Giga project, the Katapult investment fund, the International Emmys and more. In 2015, Kavita received the UN Innovation Award for being one of the core members of creating green and social impact bonds.

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